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19 Jul 2013 ... We recently saw issues regarding duplicate USPS tracking numbers. In this particular case our customer was using so we ... more

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27 Mar 2015 ... Are these numbers ever re-Issued?? If so, does the USPS wipe out the old tracking data when they scan my package for mailing? Milwaukee ... more

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5 Dec 2013 ... Argh. Mailed a flat rate box to D in Illinois on Tuesday. Got a receipt with scheduled delivery date (12/6), correct city, state and zip. more

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25 Feb 2019 ... However, the application center mailed my application back on 2/22. But when I track this mail. The state was "label created, not yet in the system" ... more

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I'm aware the USPS (and most of the carriers) recycles their tracking ... It's the fact that a duplicate tracking number is generated in the first place ... more

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21 May 2016 ... I knew it was mailed so, confused, I called USPS and spoke to a machine. When I entered the tracking info it told me the package was delivered to ... more

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16 Mar 2014 ... It turned out that there was a duplicate tracking number on another package ( mailed from a different post office here in Miami) for each of the ... more® - USPS Tracking® Results

USPS Tracking®. Tracking ... Tracking Number: 70092820000232581445. Duplicate ... and mailpieces that are processed through USPS automated
equipment. more

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